The Neighorhood Boys


The Neighorhood Boys play Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Western Swing, and Jazz. Generally all music which is related to the fiddle. We play both instrumentals and vocal numbers. We're all good friends, love to play music, and love to make it sound nice.


Pete Martin - Pete plays mandolin and sings in the band. Pete is a former National Adult Fiddle Champion and has placed in the top 5 at the National Mandolin Contest. He writes a regular instructional column for Mandolin Magazine and has authored 12 instructional books on mandolin and fiddle playing. Information on his publications, recordings and music lessons is available at

Josh Philpott - Josh, from Shelbyville Tennessee, plays guitar, banjo, and sings in the band. An instrumentalists first, he loves to play the melodies beautifully on guitar and sing a few ear-capturing vocal numbers. Josh teaches guitar, mandolin, bass, banjo, and ukelele in the Seattle area.

Timothy Wetmiller - Tim comes from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and is one of the most gifted and active musicians in Seattle, playing everything from gypsy jazz and western swing to Latin, Cuban and everything in-between.